Monday, April 30, 2012

PBJHS - Tuesday 5/1/12

17 days (counting today) left of school:

Our 2011-2012 school year is fast approaching its end. We have all worked very hard to make this a successful school year. With a little more than three weeks remaining, this is your opportunity to take a risk and try something new in your classroom. Thank you for all that you do for PBJHS students and staff. Now, let's finish the year strong PBJHS!

Awesome news from last week:

Several teachers at PBJHS got their webcams set up last week. We were able to have 4 different classrooms all simultaneously communicating back and forth with one another by using a Google Hangout. We still have 5 webcams available. Please contact Dr. Tarte if you are interested.

Tweet of the week:

"When you exhibit excitement toward learning, your students will follow suit & be excited about learning as well... be the model."

Looking ahead...

Great news! We have just been informed that our entire student body and staff will have the opportunity to attend a free showing of the new, "Bully" movie on Monday, May 14 at the Poplar Bluff AMC theater. We are still finalizing the logistics, but we are tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of May, 14. While we realize this is short notice, we feel this event will be an excellent way to raise awareness about the problems of bullying. Thank you for your flexibility and patience; more details and information will be available soon.

Image of the week:

Video of the week: Animal School

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Bonus image of the week: "What's the focus... getting good grades or learning? Are they the same thing?

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