Sunday, May 20, 2012

PBJHS - Monday 5/21/12

The end of the year!

A great year at PBJHS is soon coming to a close. Take time this week to share some of your favorite stories and memories with your students; take time to honor and recognize the past while looking toward the future...

Finish strong because you only get one chance to finish...

Leave it all out on the table and leave a lasting impression...

Be great PBJHS!

Still looking for your help:

As we begin our push to integrate Character Education into our Academic Lab time next year, we are in need of some passionate PBJHS teachers who are interested in helping to plan and organize a Character Education initiative. If you are interested in being on the ground floor of this program, please email Dr. Tarte expressing your interest.

**BONUS: Many PBJHS staff members are already involved in some type of extra-curricular activity, club, committee, or sport, and we are extremely thankful for that. If you have not been able to get involved with something outside of your teaching duties, next year is your chance. Ask around and see who needs help and consider how you can use your strengths and interests to continue helping move PBJHS forward! We appreciate all you do!

First image of the week: Thank you for making sure school does not feel like this for our students at PBJHS... (thank you @joe_bower)

Five great blog posts to end out the year:

1) - Swimming against the tide

2) - 14 simple strategies to be more positive

3) - The irresponsibility of grading responsibility

4) - Rules... are for the teachers...

5) - Self-worth

Tweet of the week:

"Motivated, engaged, challenged, and successful students are well-behaved, not because they’ve been threatened but because they are too busy engaged in learning to misbehave. The goal of classroom management is not quiet classrooms, it’s productive students."

Video of the week: "Response to principal who bans social media"

Second image of the week:

Bonus video courtesy of Officer Courtney:

Have a great summer!!

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